30 Apr

Products to Help Grow Your Hair

I have never been able to have long hair. My hair always gets to a little bit past my shoulders and then just frays out into a tangled, barbed-wire mess. No matter how much a straighten it, or curl it, or use every trick in the book, my hair never seems to want to be so long. And oh, how I’d love to have long hair. Like the girls on the adverts with curls resting on their arms. Who can swing their heads and their hair flies in the wind.

If you are like me and find it hard to grow your hair long, here are some products that may be able to help you (and me!) look just like the girls in the adverts.

Castor Oil a favorite of many people, this product promises to keep your locks moisturized and silky with mink oil. Great for getting strong hair!

If you use heat to dry or style your hair, then a heat protecting spray is the key to keeping your hair healthy enough to grow. Try Tresemms heat tamer spray to make sure that your hair is covered and protected when you style it.

Mane ‘n’ Tail is a shampoo and conditioner set meant for horses…but works amazingly on humans! Sure, you might get funny looks when you go to pay but the special formula in the products make sure that your hair is clean, moisturized, and that breakage is prevented. Give it a go!

Lee Stafford has an amazing range that smells just amazing. The intensive treatment is one of the highlights of the range, so setting a night aside once a week to do this is a good time investment!

If you color your hair, perhaps using a more gentle color to dye your hair might promote gorgeous, healthy locks. L’Oreal has loreala salon dye range called INOA which contains no ammonia or peroxide, so your hair won’t be stripped of moisture! Great color AND quality!

Once you’ve treated, colored and protected your hair, you’ll want a great hairdryer that will dry your hair while keeping it in good condition. Ionic hairdryers give off charged particles that will keep your hair gorgeous as it dries it super quickly. There are many to choose from out there but T3 Featherweight Professional is a good place to start.

For those who prefer to use home treatments, try boiling curry leaves and coconut oil together, then taking the black residue that forms and use it on your hair twice a week. It’ll help your hair grow faster AND help fight grey hairs!

Here are our favorite hair growth tricks – hopefully we’ll ALL look like the girls in the adverts soon! If you have tried any of these or have some other tips, we’d love to hear them!

30 Apr

Smell your way to a better mood!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, but the way to your own brain could be through your nose! Aromatherapy isn’t anything new, of course, but have you ever thought of wearing certain perfumes to put yourself in certain moods? If you are feeling grouchy one morning, the right perfume could set you right. And if you have a date then perhaps a carefully selected perfume could help you feel more flirty and bag you a second date!

Here is a list of perfumes that could enhance your mood!

To help you feel calm…
Lavender has always been used to calm people, so it’s no wonder that perfumes with lavender in would help you feel chilled out. If calm is what you need, go all-out calming with Lavender Eau de Toilette by L`Occitane en Provence.

To help you feel slim…
According to scientists at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, spicy floral notes in perfumes can help you feel slimmer. If you give L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney a go, it may help you feel like giving your “slim jeans” another try!

To help you feel friendly…
There are lots of scents that can help you feel more sociable, but vanilla comes out on top, just ahead of fruity notes like berries. If you have a networking event and need to be on top form, try Sean John Empress, which adds raspberry and caramel to the vanilla to make sure you’re THE social butterfly at any event.

To help you feel (and seem!) younger…
Grapefruit scents have been proven make women seem up to 5 years younger! Melt the years away with a perfume with grapefruit notes like Yves Saint Laurent’s In Love Again.

To help give you an energy boost…
Peppermint has been proven to make the wearer feel much less fatigued, since the scent wakes your brain up. You could try it at the gym to keep you going a little longer, or wear it when you know you’re going to have a tough day. Try Comme des Garcons Series 5 Sherbet: Peppermint to give yourself a boost!

To help you remember things…
A mix of floral scents has been proved to boost your brain intocloser remembering things. So whether you need to memorize things for a test, or if you have to give a speech, how about trying Closer by Halle Berry – the violet and mimosa may help you keep things in your brain!

The link between scent and emotion can be a very personal one as well. Scents that remind you of certain occasions or things (like a bouquet of flowers) will do wonders for your feeling. So the best thing to do would be to play around with different perfumes and see which ones trigger memories for you.

What are your favorite notes in perfumes? Let us know!

25 Apr

Oh Beehive! Fun Vintage Hairstyles for This Season’s Mad Men

The new season of Mad Men has started! The drama, the style, the nostalgia for something most of us weren’t even around for. That is the beauty of Mad Men. A great storyline and wonderful actors alone won’t win the hearts of the nation – it’s the impeccable attention to detail of the set, costumes, props that makes it one of the most popular shows on TV right now.

We’d like to celebrate the style of Mad Men’s leading ladies by showing you how you can imitate their gorgeous hairstyles. Whether you are a Peggy, a Joan or a Megan, there’s style for you. So, let’s see our gorgeous Mad Men ladies!


Megan Draper

The new Mrs Draper seems to have it all. Gorgeous, talented – on the brink of becoming a superstar. She is also one of the few characters with seemingly very few bad characteristics. It’s no wonder little Sally Draper looks up to her. Megan is always trendy and I love how loose and carefree her hairstyles are.

To get hair like Megan Draper, start with dry hair. It’s perfectly fine to use second, or third day old hair since it’ll be better for volume.

Use Syoss’ Styling Powder Volume near the roots and at the back of your head, then shake your fingers through your hair to really get a great lift.Comb a small section from the front of your head and clip it back a few inches after your hair line.
To be super Megan-tastic, pile on the mascara, or use fake eyelashes to give yourself the Mad Men look!

Peggy Olsen

Peggy is a superwoman. She worked herself from being an unhappy secretary to getting the job she wanted, alongside her male colleagues. But is she happy? We’ll have to watch and find out! Peggy is so hardworking, she doesn’t have much time to think about style. Though she’s spruced herself up in the recent seasons, she is still a lot more homely than the other ladies, and I think that’s why she’s very relatable.

For Peggy’s hairstyle, you’re going to need a backcombing comb, or tease brush. Gentle pull the comb towards your head along small sections of hair to create height. Once you have enough height, smooth the top layer to cover the volume. With a thick curling tong, flick out the sides of your hair and straighten your bangs (if you have them) along the side of your face.
Peggy’s not one for eye makeup but she does seem to sport light and fresh lipstick. Use this as a finishing touch!

Joan Holloway

Arguably the queen of the Mad Men. Sure, she has her own demons to fight, but Joan is a strong, powerful woman without whom the whole office would just fall down. With impeccable style, Joan’s updos are perfect for formal situations or even for the office.

You may want to start by slightly curling your hair, if you have long hair. This would make the final look even nicer. You’re going to need volume with this style as well so either tease your hair as with Peggy’s style, or use the powder again for a slightly quicker raise.
Once you have the desired height, create a smooth top layer again, as with Peggy’s, but tuck and pin the hair underneath. You may want to play around with the different angles and directions in which you can pin the hair, to suit your face shape. It could be nice to split the hair in a top and bottom half, then pin the two separately. As long as the final style is all pinned up with lots of volume, you’ve done it right!

We’d love to hear if you have any Mad Men hair tips in the comments!

25 Nov

Our Beginner’s Guide to Vintage Perfumes

We are living in a time when the top perfume list each year is full to bursting with perfumes made for celebrities. From Britney Spears to Beyonce, to even Justin Bieber and One Direction, it seems people just can’t get enough of the “smell of fame”. Where once we dreamed of smelling similar to our favorite stars, it seems these days we just want to smell something vaguely like something they smelled once in a boardroom.

But what happens if someone wants to smell completely unique – to have a signature scent that is so rare it’s not even sold anymore? Welcome to the world of vintage perfumes.

What are vintage perfumes?

A perfume becomes vintage when it’s no longer being sold. Reasons for this are often due to ingredients being in short supply, or even banned. For example, oakmoss was once very common in perfumes but became scarce in recent years. Some other perfumes may have just changed over time to suit a modern audience. There were lots of restrictions put on perfumes around 2000, so anything before that can be considered part of the vintage world.

Aren’t the perfumes off?

Nope. If they have been kept in a cool and dark place then they should be as good as the day they were originally bought. However, if you are looking to buy some vintage perfume, always check information online regarding whether it is still suitable to be worn on the skin – some are quite harmful and are best smelled from the bottle.

Here are our top 3 vintage perfumes you should try:

1.    The original (pre-2000) Chanel No 5

The current version still smells very similar to this classic scent, but there have still been some changes over the years so if you can find one on sale for a reasonable price, then go for it.

2.    Christian Dior Miss Dior

Miss Dior has seen many changes over the years. Her original scent was greatly different – and an acquired taste. Earthy, mossy and wild, this vintage classic is miles away from her squeaky clean, floral little sister.

3.    Givenchy L’Interdit

Created for none other than Miss Audrey Hepburn, this vintage scent is much more fruity and less floral than the modern reincarnation. As pleasant, surprising and memorable as miss Hepburn herself, this classic is one that many vintage scent hunters can’t wait to get their hands on.

If you want to get your hands on some vintage perfume, Ebay and specialist shops in your area are the best places to go. Be sure to check the date and condition of the perfumes before buying. However, if you want to get the scent of vintage perfumes without worrying about authenticity and potential chemical problems, then check out 4160 Tuesdays, which recreate the famous scents in new, animal friendly versions

25 Apr

Knitwear Fashion

Knitwear has really returned on the shelves of the department stores, and with that, into our wardrobes! I really could not find any other sort of clothing piece that is able to keep me as warm as a nice, thick knitted sweater. But where is this fantastic technique coming from?

knitwearWell, knitting was found in Peru, and then it started spreading around the globe: first Europe, then China and India. Knitting became famous in Scandinavia (for obvious reasons: coldness) and in Britain. They made weatherproof clothing pieces for the fishermen working under extreme weather conditions.

In these days the machine-knitting was considered posh, and the domestic knitting amateur, I believe nowadays it is completely the other way around: some people earn serious cash by selling their handmade products. Surprising enough, men were the first ones who could do knitting as an occupation and earn their income by it.

Do you know those snowflake patterned wonderfully designed sweaters your far relatives used to give you for Christmas? The origin of that goes back to the 17th – 18th century! They were probably the most fabulous pieces available for the people of the village, and they are currently also very trendy in our century.  There is really no limit when it comes to what can be knitted: scarves, gloves, skirts, shirts, headbands, hats, boots combined with knitted details, pants, ponchos, socks, underwear… There is even an interior line called Fat Knits, which sells huge, oversized knits as beds and couches.

But what fabrics can you use once you decided to learn this skills and create something on your own? Mostly wool and silk, but they do decay relatively fast. Therefore, you should strictly follow some practices and handle the items with appropriate care so that they will last for many years. You should refer to the label of the yarn if you have created the item yourself, they often provide you with the necessary information.  There are some very wise instructions, like regular wool should be only washed in cold water and by hands – I did not know this so I think in the first year of living apart from my family I made some garments shrink to size -4. Technically the rest can be washed just as your usual laundry.

Since the rise of the internet, everyone and everything is open and available, places like Twitter, Youtube and Etsy (a well known Marketplace for hand made goods) providing you with a platform, knitting is also becoming more and more popular as a hobby. Knitting is not anymore a thing only your grandma does, I see people knitting at public places, on the train to home after work.

Have you known that knitting is a very relaxing activity, decreases blood pressure, heart rate and is even helping preventing illness? What a great combination! A nicely knitted scarf will also prevent you from giving out too much money to keep yourself warm, as the price of these items can go up rather high… You still have some time until the winter, grab your knitting needle and look at some tutorials in order to create your own unique piece!

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